"There is no matter as such! All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter."

Max Planck - Father of Quantum Physics (1858 - 1947)

Spiritual Medicine

Like all living beings, we humans are in constant exchange with our environment, but even more so are we immortal spiritual beings with our own subtle world of thoughts and feelings embedded in a crude physical body. The Taoist philosophy describes this relationship with the following sentences:

神 動 氣 動 .  氣 動 形 動
Shen Dong, Qi Dong – Qi Dong, Xing Dong
Consciousness moves, Energy moves – Energy moves, Form moves
It is the Consciousness which gives Form to the Energy.
In other words:
It is our Consciousness which finds expression in our Energy and in our Life.


As soon as our consciousness moves, it is reflected as a change in the vibrational quality of our energy. As the energy shows altered vibrational patterns, so will these patterns, over time, manifest as aberrations in the physical form.

From this understanding it is obvious how pathological information from the more subtle fields – old thought patterns, resentments, grudges, fear or anger etc. – can, over time, manifest as disease in the physical body. By the same token positive information – love, compassion, gratitude and appreciation – can turn out to be forces of convalescence of the physical body.

We can apply this understanding in diagnosis and therapy in the sphere of the Consciousness- and Information-field. This constitutes the foundation of Spiritual Medicine, the spiritual access to the “Human Consciousness”. It enters via the heart through inherent gentle powers, which we experience as Divine Light and Unconditional Love.

Spiritual-Emotional Processing (SEP)

“From deep within radiates the BRIGHTNESS – and pushes out the DARKNESS,
from deep within rises the LIGHTNESS – and lifts off the HEAVINESS,
from deep within echoes the SOUNDNESS – and removes the SICKNESS,
from deep within pulsates the WELLNESS – and shakes off the ILLNESS.”

Roland Heber (1997, revised in 2020)

Spiritual-Emotional Processing (SEP) is an individual process based upon the power of the heart. SEP gently guides us to “Love for ourselves” and to “Gratitude towards the Divine Soul-Being within us” and is a very gentle “Letting go with love and forgiveness of the heart”. With SEP we let go of old baggage and its blockages: from traumatizing experiences and emotional hurt and pain to agonizing and obsessive thoughts as well as negative forms of consciousness including their physical manifestations.

We can compare these burdens to greyish patches of fog or even dark clouds, obscuring the clarity of our vision. The world suddenly looks grey and we are unable to perceive the light within us in its true beauty. These burdens of the past are a heavy load upon our shoulders. Our radiance seems dull and dense, and the vibrational freedom of our vital field feels restricted. Over time, these heavy energies give rise to a manifold of psychological and physical symptoms.

By way of increasing the release through the “light and love of the heart” the fog patches dispel, the blanket of clouds opens up and we start to notice the light within us again. And this light – similar to the warmth of the sunlight – shines through and dissolves the remaining mist. In the same way, SEP allows us also to unload burdens and patterns hidden in our subconscious mind, which oppress us, sometimes even haunt us and affect our perception and behaviour.

SEP is universally applicable, completely independent of age, sex, religion, state of health, professional background and personal life situation. Besides “becoming free of limitations” and “re-discovering true self-love”, the goal of Spiritual-Emotional Processing is to “re-establish the inner connection with the Divine Source of Life, Light and Love in one’s heart”, free from expectations, as one of the main aims of being.

Spiritual-Emotional Processing (SEP) comprises:

  • release of burdensome forms of consciousness and thought patterns
  • elimination of emotional shock and deeply rooted traumatic experiences
  • liberation from physical manifestations of negative forms of consciousness
  • opening of the heart and of the life-path
  • forgiveness for oneself and others
  • connection with the Divine source of life, light and love in the heart
  • re-establishing the “Sacred Marriage” of body, mind, psyche and spirit
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