Dr. Roland G. Heber

Founder of med-i-xin

Doctor’s Degree in Medicine
Master in Chinese Medicine
Energy Medicine
Spiritual Medicine

» One of the basic objectives of Medicine and Healing is to successfully assist clients on their paths from 'dis-ease within themselves' and 'being ill at ease with themselves, others and the environment' to a state of balanced psycho-physio-socio integration, which is called 'being whole' «
Dr. Roland G. Heber (1995)​

Holding a Doctor’s Degree in Medicine, a Master’s Degree of Chinese Medicine, I am the founder and head of the med-i-xin Institute for Integrative Medicine. The focus areas of my teaching program are Energy Medicine and Spiritual Medicine

My 40 years of hands-on experience integrates the essentials of Eastern and Western medical approaches. It combines Traditional European Naturopathy (TEN), Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Daoist Medicine and Spiritual Healing with Modern Health Sciences.

This resulted in a synergistic, transcultural healing method, which puts every human being and his/her healing process into the center of attention.

My path

Empower the People to heal themselves

My wife and myself left Germany for Hong Kong in 1981 where I had been offered a job as „Honorary Research Associate” at the Hong Kong University.This was the beginning of a journey into the then still present “Old China”, its people, their life and language, their philosophy and medicine, with the objective to study Traditional Chinese Medicine.

As a student of lineage Taoist masters in Hong Kong and Taiwan I was deeply initiated into the natural principles of Taoist Philosophy and Medicine as well as into the art of Nei Gong, the inner work of Daoists. Eight years later, 1989, I graduated as Master of Chinese Medicine at the China Medical College in Taiwan (since 2003 China Medical University). In the same year I opened my first own medical practice in Hong Kong. The empowerment of the patients, their involvement in the healing process as self-responsible health-partners was from the beginning one of the mainstays of my medical practice.

Our journey through life lead me and my family on to Perth/Australia. From 1999 onwards I worked in research and teaching in the field of Energy Medicine with the objective to write a teaching program. In cooperation with the RMIT University Melbourne, I developed a curriculum for a “Course in Energy Medicine”, which was presented in 2004. In the course of this research activity I engaged myself in studying modern health sciences, quantum physics and philosophy, consciousness and energy, as well as the central role of the heart in health and disease.

After 20 years of immersing myself into the Daoist way of self-research – the practice of Dao (Xiu Dao = 修道) – new mystical-spiritual ways began to open up for me at that time. Between 2000 and 2012 I studied and worked with spiritual healers and teachers of various cultures and healing traditions.

The insights and empirical knowledge gained from these old healing traditions and modern health sciences have deepened my understanding of health and healing and are an integral component of my holistic transcultural medical model.

Since 2007 my medical practice is located in Lans near Innsbruck in Tirol. As a consultant to the health center Lanserhof, I introduced the principles and concepts of Energy Medicine, of Bio-Energetic intervention and regulation to the LANS Med concept.

Roland Heber
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