Returning Heart and Soul to Health Care

med-i-xin encourages and promotes
health in its holistic sense

About med-i-xin

pronounced med-ee-shin

The name “med-i-xin” dates back to about Mid-1990. It came about as a play of words composed of “med” for medicine, “I” for the Chinese character 醫, also meaning medicine, and “xin” for the Chinese pictogram 心, the heart.

The sage healers of ancient times were able to heal the heart of humanity,
and thus prevent disease from arising
Heo Jun - Korean Physician (1537-1615)

Dr. Roland G. Heber

Founder of med-i-xin

Doctor’s Degree in Medicine
Master in Chinese Medicine
Energy Medicine
Spiritual Medicine

Now is the time, that we aspire to become once more the professionals we have originally been: physician, spiritual guide, psychologist and philosopher in one person – the profound and deeply empathetic practitioner of holistic medicine.
Roland Heber (2009)

My holistic practice

Based upon the integration of modern health sciences with traditional healing modalities I offer in my medical practice services of holistic diagnostics and therapy.


“It is consciousness
that gives form to energy”

Getting there

How to find us

Scheibeweg 236
A-6072 Lans

Unless otherwise stated, all of our therapies take place in our med-i-xin institute.
The institute is located in a residential complex.
The entrance is on the right.

Opening hours

Appointments required.
Please contact us by phone or email

Information regarding arrival

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