Functional Medicine

Mankind has managed to drastically change the chemistry of our environment and thereby introduced complex chemical threats to our existence. Through pollution of air, water and food, toxic chemicals easily find their way into our body. We also ingest foreign chemicals when taking medicinal or illicit drugs, or when consuming alcohol or tobacco. These substances overload the elimination capacity of the organism and unbalances the body chemistry, drastically reducing the body’s regulatory potential and weakening the immune system. (Toxicity)

To compound the problem of our toxic environment, we have refined away much of the nutritional value of our food supply and replaced it with artificial colourings, flavourings, preservatives etc. This poor diet can undermine our health by providing too few essential nutrients as well as excessive harmful nutrients. (Deficiency and Toxicity)


With Detox Medicine (holistic body cleansing) we focus on prevention and treatment of the most prevalent chronic diseases in modern society by addressing the underlying causes and contributing factors: environmental conditions and nutritional deficiency. Detox Medicine is an essential element for regeneration and revitalization of the organism and for healthy aging.

The Holistic Detox-Program integrates various methodologies of detox-therapy (amongst others Modern F.X. Mayr Medicine and TCM). It comprises holistic body cleansing, as well as
individually tailored nutritional guidelines. With the therapeutic emphasis on improving the function of the digestive organs it consequently benefits all organ systems.

I put the emphasis on active involvement of the client through long-term guidance to enable him/her to make the necessary changes in life-style for the implementation of optimal dietary habits and healthcare. This guarantees compliance and adherence and long-lasting health outcomes with improvement of the body’s functioning and maintenance of its natural self-regulative and regenerative power.


Another fundamental constituent in the Holistic Detox-Program is the correction of lack in essential nutrients. In modern times, the body often needs additional nutrients for the healing process as well as the maintenance of health. It is our aim to provide the body with optimal amounts of substances, which are natural to the body to correct nutritional deficiencies, restore the integrity of the gastro-intestinal mucosa, and re-establish proper liver detoxification.

Optimal health, increased vitality and healthy ageing are our goal.

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