"In every culture and in every medical tradition before us, healing was achieved by getting the energy moving"
Albert Szent-Györgyi (1893 - 1986)
Nobel Price in Medicine 1937

Energy Medicine

Within the physical body of all living organisms there are life-giving streams of bio-energy or vital force, in the Chinese tradition called “Qi”. We store and distribute this vital force in a field, which not only penetrates the body, but also surrounds it. In a healthy person this “vital field” is strong and the bio-energy circulates freely. In this view Traditional Chinese Medicine defines health as a harmonic flow of bio-energy between the various organs and systems of the human body, dynamically regulating all biological functions. A disturbance of the free flow of bio-energy results in disharmony leading to sickness and disease.

Energy Medicine opens up new therapeutic possibilities:

  • dissolve energy stagnations and open energy blockages
  • release disruptive energies from the body’s vital field
  • activate the body’s own vibrational capacity
  • harmonise the flow of the life-energy
  • recharge the body’s energy reserves
內經圖 – Nei Jing Tu
Daoistische Darstellung der inneren menschlichen Landschaft

Holistic Cupping Therapy (HCT)

"Over the years, rivers and lakes silt up with sediment impairing the free flow of water – in the same way the blood in our body becomes stagnant over the years. Dredging out the sediment frees up the rivers and speeds up the flow of water – in the same way Holistic Cupping Therapy counteracts blood stasis and improves our vital microcirculation."
Roland Heber (1997)

Holistic Cupping Therapy or Wet Cupping is the “Healing Art of Cupping with blood-letting” – a renaissance of an age-old tradition. It is my most significant treatment in the field of energy medicine. It enables us to cleanse the human organism in a natural way without any side effects, thereby supporting detoxification, promoting energy flow and blood circulation, as well as enhancing the self-regulative ability of the metabolism. By drawing congested energy, stagnant blood and toxic body fluids to the surface away from internal organs, Holistic Cupping relieves pathogenic congestion of blood vessels, internal organs, muscles, joints and other tissues – thus bringing about:

  • enhanced energy flow, improved blood- and lymph-circulation
  • improvement of the excretory function
  • optimization of the body-cleansing-effect during detox treatments
  • stimulation and harmonization of essential metabolic and regulatory processes
  • release of pressure of hematomas in physical injuries and reduced tightness in
  • swellings and inflamed tissues
  • treatment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders
  • continuation of blood-cleansing in menopause
  • treatment of scars, as well as pre- and post-operative treatment
  • opening of energy blockages (i.e. asthma, high blood-pressure, after heart attack)

Depending on the initial condition a single treatment might already result in significant alleviation of symptoms or even complete pain relief. However, most of the time several interventions (2 to 5 sessions) can be considered best practice. The treatment consists of a preparatory cupping-massage with warm oil followed by applying vacuum suction to “small local incisions” on the skin. Holistic Cupping Therapy can be applied on its own, but also in combination with other therapies (such as acupuncture, massage, osteopathy, detox-treatments and healing exercises etc.).

Kom Ombo 250 BC
Medical relief with cupping tools
Photo: Astrid Paul
The cupping tools in detail
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