primarily means, that I take my time to listen to you, that I honour you and what you tell me, and put you as a human being, and not the disease, in the center of my attention. To detect energetic disturbances and imbalances in your organism, I diagnose with “all my senses” with the emphasis on the “hands-on”.

Asclepius examines a patient, behind him Hygieia, goddess of healing
(votive relief 4th century BC, Archaeological Museum of Piraeus)

A great German surgeon of the 20th century, August Bier (1861 – 1949), expressed it in the following words:

"The diagnostic insights we gained in the past through the touch of our fingertips, we nowadays leave to the X-ray apparatus. Thereby we forfeit our own tactile sensation, one of the most important qualities of every therapist."

Hands-on Bio-Energetic and Functional Diagnosis not only allows me to locate dissonances in the energy field, long before they manifest as physical disease – first of all, with my hands, I get in touch with the client on the physical level of perception. Through the empathy in the therapeutic touch, a relationship based upon trust is established, which in turn is the foundation for a successful treatment. To diagnose and treat with “all senses” comprises besides the right sensitivity of our fingertips and feeling of the light touch – the hands-on – qualities such as intuition, power of observation and concentration on the point of observation. “All senses” stands for an all-embracing awareness and perceptivity, which in turn leads to comprehensive understanding and deep insight.

The history

For me it is of utmost importance to give the clients the time and the space to express whatever they have on their mind in their own words – all the downers and worries, whatever feels oppressive and depressing, whatever troubles them physically or emotionally. This gives me more hints and information about the disease process than any doctor’s report. The patients describe whatever they have experienced in a true-to-life way, providing me with a comprehensive picture of the development of the symptoms and the state of health.

Additional examinations

If required – especially to discover hidden pathological processes in complex diseases – I extend my hands-on diagnosis by a holistic blood test based on Blood-Crystal-Analysis (BKA). Functional disturbances can be verified by minute biochemical changes in the blood crystal. This additional information gives me an even broader foundation for an individually tailored therapeutic program.

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