Our Team

Astrid Paul  
Doctor and Teacher at med-i-xin Institute

General Practicioner
Akupunkture and Naturopathy
Detox-Therapy  (F.X. Mayr and related methods)
Energy Medicine
Spiritual Medicine

« I see my vocation as a physician in reactivating the self-healing abilities in my clients. Through individual instructions suitable for daily use, they will be guided to re-evaluate their outlook on life, thereby making the necessary corrections to take up healthier life habits. Gentle, holistic intervention on physical, energetic and spiritual level supports this process. True medicine and healing revolves around personal efforts and self-responsibility and empowers the clients to self-healing! »

With effect of March 2016 Dr. Paul will temporarily not be available.
For medical treatment and advice please turn to Dr. Heber instead.
Thank You!

Astrid Paul, born in Germany, is a General Practitioner holding her approbation as a medical doctor since twenty years. She practiced medicine at various hospitals as well as in outpatient clinics and private practice, including emergency and rehabilitation medicine. Since 15 years she has put the emphasis on continuous education in holistic medicine (i.e. TCM, acupuncture, naturopathy, fasting and detox). As a physician of the Modern F.X. Mayr Medicine, she arrived in Tyrol to practice for 2 years at the Lanserhof; nowadays she is still engaged as a Mayr-Practitioner in several health centres. Since 2009 she works and teaches alongside Dr. Heber in the field of detox-, energy and spiritual medicine.

Dr. Roland G. Heber
Founder and head of med-i-xin institute


Doktor of Medicine
Master of Chinese Medicine
Energie Medicine
Spiritual Medicine

« One of the basic objectives of Medicine and Healing is to successfully assist clients on their paths from ‘dis-ease within themselves’ and ‘being ill at ease with themselves, others and the environment’ to a state of balanced psycho-physio-socio integration, which is called ‘being whole’. »

Dr. Roland G. Heber is the founder oft the med-i-xin Institute for Integrative Medicine. He holds a Doctor’s Degree (Ph.D.) in Medicine and a Master’s Degree in Chinese Medicine. Over a period of 30 years, his practice has developed into a truly unique format integrating the essentials of Eastern and Western medical approaches into a synergistic healing modality, combining TCM, Taoist Medicine, Chinese healing movements and spiritual medicine with modern health sciences. His medical practice integrates the physical, functional, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual dimensions and its corresponding healing modalities and techniques.