About med-i-xin

« The enlightened physicians of ancient times healed the heart of humanity,
and thus prevented the manifestation of disease.

Korean Physician Heo Jun (1537-1615)
From his book: Dongui Bogam (Mirror of Eastern Medicine)


The name med-i-xin (pronounced: med-ee-shin) dates back to about Mid-1990. It came about as a play of words composed of “med” for medicine, “I” for the Chinese character 醫, also meaning medicine, and “xin” for the Chinese pictogram 心, the heart. In brief, “Medicine-Heart – or “Restoring Heart and Soul in Healthcare” – in other words, med-i-xin emphasises the importance, that we as physicians and therapists are required to practice medicine with heart and soul.

This picture of the transition from the character heart 忄as written on the side to the basic pictogram heart 心 reflects this principle:

Tai Ji of the heart – from 忄to  心

Tai Ji.


I had studied with Taoist Masters for many years and my medical practice in Hong Kong had developed into a unique format integrating the essentials of Eastern and Western medical approaches into a synergistic healing modality with fasting and herbs, acupuncture and cupping, as well as healing movements (Taoist Nei Gong). But above all these methods stood the “patient-physician-partnership”, the integration of the client as a self-responsible partner in health and healing, and most important the “healing through the heart” or the principle to intervene before physical disease manifests.

As physicians and therapists we witness the oneness of body, mind and spirit in our daily work. It is always the human being as a whole who is suffering. There is no such thing as separation between thoughts, emotions and the physical body. On the contrary – as expressed in Chinese philosophy: “heart and physical existence are merged into each other” ( 心 物 相 融 ) and “heart and body are amalgamated” ( 心 身 交 融 ).

Modern research confirms what healing traditions have known since times immemorial – whatever happens in our thoughts, in our emotions is manifested in our inner world as well as in the world around us, is manifested in our body and in our life. Information from thoughts, sentiments and perceptions, impulses, emotions and desires is encoded into our heartbeat, and the heart broadcasts them like a radio transmitter and influences everybody and everything around us. As soon as we change this information, we change everything within and without.

The Logo of med-i-xin – the pictogram 心 “xin“ written in the cursive calligraphy style called “Cao Shu” – expresses for us the innermost feelings, a wave from the depth of the heart. 

Dr. Roland G. Heber
Lans, November 2013