Holistic Practice

Based upon our holistic medicine model, med-i-xin offers the following therapeutic program:
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Comprises an initial consultation with detailed history and careful hands-on physical examination, as well as the assessment of the healing process in the follow-up appointments. In addition we offer holistic laboratory examinations and measurements of your energy field with state-of-the-art diagnostic devices.

Functional Medicine

Consists of Detox-Instructions and if required modified fasting, with individually tailored medical guidance and substitution of supplements as needed.

Energy Medicine

Consists of two synergistic approaches. On the one hand Bioenergetic Intervention – active cupping to directly break up and draw out blockages from organs and tissues. On the other hand supportive physical healing exercises – Bioenergetic Regulation – to maintain the self-regulative abilities of the organism.

Spiritual Medicine

med-i-xin offers Spiritual-Emotional Processing (SEP) for individual clients, as well as Spiritual Feng Shui to clear out and revitalize personal surroundings (home) and office space (work).


In addition to our therapeutic program, med-i-xin offers a complementary course program, which allows you to actively participate in your healing process. This program will consist of lectures, meditations, as well as an on-going class on Bioenergetic Regulation. We will recommend these courses according to your individual needs.


If not stated otherwise, all therapies and courses will take place in our institute.
Scheibeweg 236, A-6072 Lans (near Innsbruck).

Consultations by appointment only!

Dr. Roland Heber:           +43-664-2319529  
Astrid Paul:                       +43-664-73237121